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"I LOVE Living at Glenbrooke! They truly care about us. We asked for a change to the food and it was done quickly and is delicious. Thank you, Glenbrooke for taking such great care of us and making sure we are happy residents."

– Patricia A Briggs

"Moving to Glenbrooke is the best decision I have ever made. I feel safe, secure and completely at home. My friends and family who come to visit can’t believe that my apartment is so spacious and beautiful! They are always complimenting me on my home and I never get tired of hearing the words “what a nice apartment”. The friends and family I have gained since moving here have definitely helped fill a void in my life, and I have peace of mind everyday knowing I have the freedom to engage as much or as little as I want."

– Mary Hoover

"My husband and I selected Glenbrooke as our home of choice to enhance our retirement lifestyle, but never thought about what Glenbrooke would offer if either of us passed away. After his passing, our children asked me to move closer to them. Even with my limited vision, I am able to maintain an independent, active, vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle. The staff is always available to meet any wants or needs that I may have, and they always do it with a smile and a hug."

– Barbara Grybowski

"I waited too long to make the move to Glenbrooke. I visited many times and told several of my friends to move, but couldn't seem to brave it for myself. The staff at Glenbrooke never gave up on me, and even helped to see me through the selling of my home and assisted with all the arrangements to make the move! I now feel that I have regained my zest for life and am proud to say that I have found the person I enjoy spending all my time with. I would have never had such an opportunity staying in my house. I am truly at home here!"

– Bill Andrews

"As a widower, I felt extremely lonely and disconnected in my neighborhood and home. My friend introduced me to the idea of retirement living in an independent retirement community. I looked at several in Brevard County, but none had the sense of family or friendliness that Glenbrooke has. I’m here at Glenbrooke to stay!"

– Clem McCann

"We watched Glenbrooke being built and knew right away that we would be selling our home to enjoy our retirement here. We have been here since 2003 and we will continue living here. Glenbrooke’s staff is second to none and they have become our family. Our friends that live here at Glenbrooke are also more like family. We enjoy the activities and lifestyle that Glenbrooke offers and truly believe there is not a better place to live out our retirement!"

– Lou and Jean Sobotor


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